Protein for athletes

There is much discussion about the need for additional protein during training. If you are training for a bike race or foot race you may have read that it is good to increase your protein intake. If you are lifting and want to increase muscle mass or strength the magazines are loaded with articles espousing the benefits of increased protein intake with very little or no scientific basis. My answer to my patients is that there is not enough evidence to support increasing protein content to more than 2.5 grams per kilogram of body weight at any time. Excess protein intake will turn to fat if not used. The body during workouts will use carbohydrates and fats first. Use the formula of 60 % carbs, 25 % fats and 15% protein during normal with only a slight increase in protein during hard training.

Commercial brand proteins have so much sugar they are almost not worth the calories.
Try eating whole food protein.

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